My Plan   

16 yrs old. Using the next 2 months to get to my goal weight, and the rest of my life to stay healthy.
I do not weigh myself I go by when I feel happy with my body and what size of clothing i fit into. Wanting to loose 20-30 pounds. Feel free to talk to me!


reblog if 2013 will be your year <3


reblog if 2013 will be your year <3

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Seriously need to start a serious fitness plan on Monday. No more excuses, no more failing, no more giving up. I feel like I’ve restarted too many times. I know exactly what I need to do but I always screw it up. I gotta stay motivated!!! Ahh I’ll try anything. I want to feel cute and wear what I want :(

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Today I went and signed up for a gym! :) so excited.
My eating today was alright, not bad.
Breakfast : oatmeal
Lunch: sushi
Snack: Starbucks
Dinner: tomato soup, hummus and carrots

Tomorrow is my aunts birthday and we are going to a movie, so I will be getting popcorn, but that’s my treat for the week.
I need to cut down my Starbucks intake…. Slowly but surely..

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Cheers to a new beginning!

Starting my morning off with oatmeal :)

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I dont know how I can continue on..

Laying in bed crying my eyes out all night. I am so unhappy with how I look. I know that its all up to me to change, but I can’t seem too.

I look back at pictures from this summer when I was sticking to a healthy diet and I am soooo happy with how I was looking and how progress was getting made, but for the past 2 and a half months I haven’t given a care to what I eat or if I even work out.

Im talking McDonalds regularly, Starbucks alllll the time, Chips, Chocolate, WHATEVER. i have been so bad. 2 and a half months is beyond a binge.

But about once a week I always get an inspirational kick to start living healthy again, but the next morning i wake up and I just feel like its too hard and too much work and I dont have enough time, and I choose simple, easy, unhealthy options.

My grad class had a fashion show last night, looking through the pics i feel DISGUSTED, I know that i will never be the skinniest girl, nor do I want to be, but i should NOT be looking how i am. Its sad.

I want to wake up tomorow and just start over and fresh and TRY but I am so afraid that its just another little kick that doesnt last.

The best part is, its all up to me so why dont i just do it!!


I dont even have enough followers to talk too about when I am going through hard times, I dont have too many people in life I can talk about stuff like this too. 

Just been crying in my room allnight. Awesome. Maybe will scroll through Tumblr for some inspiration

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Let me be honest

So today was supposed to be my first day being healthy. Well let me tell you, I MESSED THAT UP. started the morning off with yogurt and a peach and some almonds on the side. I drank green tea all morning. Then this is where I screwed up…
For lunch I went with my friend to McDonalds and had a McChicken meal, and then later that day I had some chips. SO YEAH I FEEL DISGUSTING.
For dinner I had eggs and potatoes….it was pretty bad but I was visiting my dad and couldn’t help it. But it was my lunch/chips that really make me feel horrible.
I have to take it one day at a time and start again tomorrow but I feel like I do not have enough strength to do this :((

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